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Richard Glassman, DO

Richard Glassman DO

Dr. Richard Glassman has been providing primary care medical services to patients in Aurora for 40 years.  He joins MedNOW in February 2017 on a part time basis.

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4.96 out of 5 based on 12 ratings and
12 user reviews

Patient Reviews

Dr. Glassman has been my doctor for over 20 years. I was heartbroken when I heard he was retiring. I am so happy that he has come back to practicing. He was there when my husband and my mother passed. He is the best physician I have ever had. I recently had a serious episode and went to see the PCP assigned to me who only spent 2 minutes with me. Located Dr. Glassman and immediately made an appointment to see him. I was so happy to see the doctor I trust and believe in. He is now helping me to find the right referrals for my situation. God Bless you!!!!
- Carla W

Dr. Glassman has been treating my husband and I for 25 years now. He knows what he's talking about and listen to what your saying. He's the BEST!!!!!!!
- RR

Dr Glassman was very kind and attentive to my health issues and my health concerns. He may be one of the best physicians that I have ever worked with in Colorado. As he has a great bedside manner and he truly wants to help his patients!
- Heather B

Dr. Glassman is a great doctor. Ive been seeing him for many many years. Always nice friendly helpful.
- Matthew C

Dr. Glassman listens and treats whatever ails you. Recommend him to everyone.
- Rhonda


My husband and I have been seeing Dr.Glass man for many years. He very through, listens to your concerns, he has a very humble way about himself. He's a very caring Dr. Where some other Drs. arent. His personality brightens your day especially when your sick.
- Carmela, a

Dr. Glassman has been my primary care doctor since 1995. Every month I would see him in his office. He and his aid would do a basic exam and use a special test meter to check my clotting factor. The only blood drawn was a drop of blood for the tester. I always looked forward to our visits. He was always there for our visits. God bless him, He deserves five stars +
- Edward M

I took my teenage daughter for some back issues and right away was treated kindly from the front desk. We went to the patient room and had a great nurse who asked questions that quickly got to the point of what was wrong. Dr. Glassman came in was so professional and the questions he asked lead to the big picture of what is going on and what we should do about it. I was so relieved to go to such a great office and felt so well taken care of. I will tell EVERYONE!
- KShelley

We have known Dr. Glassman for 31 years and I cried when he retired. I am SOOOO happy to read that he is back part-time!
- Kimmie P

I am so happy to hear Dr. Glassman is joining MedNow! He has been my doctor for the last 15 years and he is the best!!
- Pia S

I have been a patient of Dr. Glassman since about 1987 or before them. He has taking my care very seriously, importantly and not for granted. He along with his staff, at the previous office accept each patient with care, and listen to the concern of his patient. Dr. Glassman has taken and took every measure to review and research to get to the bottom of all of my concern to resolve and locate the problem, be it thru referral through a specialty, doctor etc. but he follows through with return phone calls to me to let me know what the problems was and the next steps to resolving the problem. He is greatly miss. Dr. glassman you are 5-STARS in my book. AWESOME!. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE TO HELP ME IN MY CARE. GOD BLESS YOU, DR. GLASSMAN.

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