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Addiction Medicine

Opiate Addiction
Opiate overdose is a leading cause of death in America in people age 20 to 40. MedNOW Clinics recommends ARCH Detox to provide comprehensive services to treat addiction to opioids, which includes prescription drug overuse/abuse and heroin. Dr. Moore has been a certified Suboxone provider since 2013. Treatment of opiate addiction in our program includes the use of Suboxone and other forms of buprenorphine, as well as the use of other medications to treat withdrawals and cravings such as clonidine, ondansetron (Zofran), trazodone and naltrexone.  ARCH Detox also offers the newest form of buprenorphine, the implantable Probuphie medication, which is implanted under the skin and will provide buprenorphine for a continuous six month period.  Dr. Moore also has extensive knowledge in the use of oral naltrexone as well as intramuscular monthly Vivitrol for ongoing suppression of opiate cravings. 

Alcohol Addiction and Alcohol Use Disorder
Dr. Moore subscribes to a harm reduction model of treating alcohol use disorders.  Twelve step programs, abstinence and in-patient rehab facilites may benefit some patients, and we are happy to assist patients find programs in the Denver/Aurora area.  Dr. Moore will also provide medical support for patients interested in 12 Step programs.  

The overwhelming majority of evidence-based research demonstrates that for most people, medical treatment with medications combined with intensive counseling is the most effective way to treat alcohol addiction.  Our program incorporates the use of medications such as naltrexone, Campral and baclofen, three medications that have proven results in reducing alcohol use.  In combination with ongoing psychological counseling, our program will give a patient the best chances of recovery.

At MedNOW we believe that cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational enhancement therapy, along with medically-supervised prescription medication will provide you with the tools you need to control your drinking.  MedNOW works with several psychologists and counselors in the Denver metro area.

There are several web-based resources for patients suffering from alcohol overuse.  Many of these resources have tools that have been well-studied and have been found to be effective in controlled trials.  We encourage you to review the following programs:


National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Chronic Pain Management
MedNOW Clinics provides chronic pain management to patients who have medical diagnoses or a history of injuries that cause chronic pain.  Unlike most pain management clinics, MedNOW Clinics has specific pain management protocols.  We encourage patients to become familiar with our chronic pain mangement protocols and controlled substances agreement prior to the first appointment.  It is important for patients to understand our treatment protocol before being seen in our clinic.

Chronic Pain Management Protocol

Controlled Substances Agreement